3 yoga blessings for your health


Do you know that paying attention to only three things, you can generate a revolutionary change in your health and level of happiness? And, do you know that Yoga educates you to know how to do it?

Recently, I saw a very interesting interview to a well-known traditional doctor that has been including alternative practices to the treatments given to his patients. He listed three actions we must take in order to positively influence our lifestyle and health. All the recommendations can be found among the benefits of yoga. It is also a reasonable number, easy to remember and to apply.

1. reduce the levels of stress: it is the main cause of disease in our society. Some of us are under its influence more that others but, in general, we all can feel it. Anxiety, sleep disorders, heart problems, digestive discomfort, irritability or fear to the future are some signals telling us that we are stressed. Yoga helps us regain our state of peace and happiness because it teaches us how to breathe, meditate and let go of all that burdens us and stops us from laughing and being joyous.

2. move your body: if we want to stay healthy, it is really important that we move our body. A sedentary life not only damages several functional systems, but it also stops our mind from staying alert and open to learn new things. Yoga teaches us to move our body in a way like no other discipline does. The practice of asanas during the yoga class offers a complete workout at all levels. It increases endurance, flexibility and strength; we put our body in positions that we normally don´t do and we get filled up with vitality.

3. eat consciously: the correct diet brings forth radical changes. Yoga shows us the way to make the right choices when we choose what to eat. Because yoga balances our hormonal system, it stops unhealthy cravings. It also helps us recognize what foods hold more vital force and which ones are more in sync with our mind-body constitution, with our environment and with the season of the year.

Yoga is one of the most potent tools that we have at our reach. The next step is that you share this post with your friends, try a class and enjoy the blessings!

How are we solving our conflicts?


Change can be felt in the air these days, but possible confrontations might also come with it.  All process of transformation brings forth some kind of friction between two parts, and this is what generates the evolutionary change. Some times it is easier to handle, while other times it feels like a storm, full of lighting, clouds, thunder and winds throwing us all around. Conflict might be manifesting in our personal or professional relationships, or maybe in the way we communicate with our selves.

The solutions to problems are never at the level of the problem. If we try to fix something with the mental tools (over thinking, contemplating, talking excessively about it), we will end up loosing a lot of time and energy running around in circles. The source fo creative wisdom lies within and, yes!, it manifests through the mind but it doesn´t exist at that level. Creative solutions arise from the field of infinite potentiality of the Self, beyond the mental body. We access this part of ourselves when we are in a meditative state. Something to add: if we are worrying about someone or something, it is a good indicator that only the mind is running the show.

Yoga is a path of unity. It always implies that there is a relationship between two parties: between your personal self and your universal Self; between heaven and earth; spirit and matter; between you and others. This is why it is good to ask, first, How are my relationships like? and, second, How do I apply my Yoga tools in the conflictive situations?

If you are having problems with someone or something, I recommend that you have a look at the following list of rules. They might help you regain peace and harmony. The key is that all parties agree to respect and follow the rules. When you read them, your might think that they are just common sense, but Isn´t it true that “common sense” is most needed nowadays?

Resolve your conflicts:

1. Meditate daily. This will help you see that a lot more unites both of you than  separates you

2. Accept that both parties have their grievances and pain

3. Recognize that your emotions are yours, no one else´s

4. Address the others with respect, from equal to equal

5. Talk and speak without violence

6. Never try to show that the other is wrong, each one holds his or her own truth

7. Share your values because they will bring you closer to others

8. Commit to find a solution in which all parts are happy

9. Stop worrying about being right and work on creating peace

If there is still a good amount of tension and fire between you and the other, it is also convenient to wait a little before trying to find a quick solution.

Breath, meditate and trust “that every little thing is going to be all right”…

om shanti

¿cómo estamos resolviendo nuestros conflictos?


Corren tiempos en los que el cambio se siente en el ambiente, pero con él también surgen posibles enfrentamientos y roces.  En todo proceso de transformación hay cierta fricción entre dos partes, eso es lo que genera el cambio evolutivo. A veces es fácil de llevar y otras parece una tormenta, llena de rayos, nubes, relámpagos y vientos que nos llevan para todos los lados. Puede que se manifiesten en nuestras relaciones personales, profesionales, e incluso en la comunicación con nosotros mismos.

Me atrevo a decir que la solución a los problemas nunca se encuentra al nivel del problema. Si lo intentamos arreglar desde lo mental (pensando, contemplando, hablando en exceso de ello), sólo vamos a perder mucho tiempo y energía dándole vueltas a la situación. La fuente de sabiduría creativa se encuentra en nuestro interior y, sí, se manifiesta a través de la mente pero no está ahí. Las soluciones creativas surgen del campo de infinita potencialidad del Ser, más allá del cuerpo mental. Accedemos a esa parte de nosotros cuando estamos en estado meditativo. Sin embargo, si andamos muy preocupados por algo o por alguien, es una indicación de que sólo la mente está dirigiendo la escena.

El Yoga es un camino de unificación. Siempre implica una relación: entre tu ser personal y tu ser universal; entre el cielo y la tierra, entre el espíritu y la materia; entre tú y otros.  Por eso, está bien preguntarnos, primero, ¿cómo vivo mis relaciones? y, segundo, ¿cómo aplico las herramientas del Yoga en las situaciones conflictivas?

Si estás teniendo problemas con alguien o con algo te recomiendo que le eches un vistazo a la lista de reglas que doy a continuación.  Puede que te ayuden a recuperar la paz y la armonía. La clave está en que las dos partes accedan a respetar y seguir dichas normas. Cuando las leas te parecerá que son simple sentido común, pero ¿acaso no es “sentido común” lo que falta en nuestra sociedad?

Para la solución de conflictos:

1. Medita a diario, esto te ayudará a ver que lo que os une es mucho más que lo que os separa

2. Acepta que ambas partes tienen sus quejas y su dolor

3. Reconoce tus emociones como tuyas

4. Dirígete al otro con respeto, de igual a igual, como si fueras tú mismo

5. Habla y compórtate sin violencia

6. Nunca intentes demostrar que el otro está equivocado, cada uno tiene su verdad

7. Comparte tus valores porque te unirán con los demás

8. Comprométete a buscar una solución en la que todas las partes estén contentas

9. Deja de preocuparte por tener la razón y ocúpate de crear paz

Si entre tú y el otro todavía hay mucha tensión y fuego, también es conveniente esperar un poco antes de querer llegar a una solución rápida.

Respira, medita y confía en que todo irá bien.

om shanti

earthly wings

Angel-Wallpaper-angels-9902019-1024-768Angel is the aspect of your Self that is in the next step of your evolutionary ascendent lineage. It is not something outside, foreign to you or that is only going to happen in your future. It is a very authentic part of yourself, real here and now.

For a while I see many people around me whose connection with their being-angel is very active and open. These are people that trust fully, that smile with innocence, that glow with peace and light despite the challenges that life presents for them. I am thinking about my friend who takes care of her sick mother during the 24 hours of the day; the neighbors who feed and care for the homeless people in the plaza; all of my students or my bosses, who work everyday to ensure that there is a beautiful place in Palma where people can practice yoga.

There are earthly angels aware of being it, and others whose union with the angelical condition is still to be revealed. In order to awaken and enhance the communication with your being-angel, I offer you the following visualization:

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few gentle, deep breaths. Relax.

Imagine that your body releases its density, becoming more spacious, almost transparent.  If it resonates with you, visualize that you have wings, big and luminous. They are the most beautiful ones that you have ever imagined, light as the joy of a child. There is a very pleasant expression in your face that fills you with peace. Now  there is a warm, loving light radiating from within you, impregnating the energetic space that surrounds you. When it is the right time to open your eyes and return to the outer world, please do. 

The exercise can be done everywhere. I tried it this morning while sitting in a pretty café in the Born. I could feel how my aura was changing and a wonderful harmonious sensation invaded me. It reaffirmed my mission of manifesting the unification of matter and spirit, believing in the authenticity of intrinsic joy and life as a wonderful adventure.

To all the earthly angels whose smiles enlighten my world… thank you, from the heart.

om shanti

Tejiendo vida…

lanasEste post no intenta enseñar nada, sólo invitar a la contemplación.

No sé si alguna vez habéis hecho punto, bordado o cosido. Hoy en día, son casi antiguas artes en extinción, pero no hace mucho tiempo era común durante la sobremesa española que las mujeres se reunieran con sus labores a tejer el sentido de su existencia. Muchas tardes he pasado yo así, con mi abuela, mi madre y tías mayores. En esas tertulias se llenaban de significado nuestras vidas, cada pedazo de conversación nos unía a las unas con las otras, igual que el hilo de lana va haciendo surgir algo nuevo con cada movimiento rítmico de las agujas. Nuestro universo se iba creando y expandiendo, cada una traía consigo las historias del día y compartía las que quería, hablando de unos y otros.

En Tantra, el cosmos se entiende como una gran red, a forma de tejido que vamos creando momento a momento, con cada pensamiento e intención. Uno de los significados de tantra es “tejido o red”, también es “instrumento”. Del mismo modo, cada puntada en un tapiz entrelaza los colores en la base de tela y flores increíbles, unicornios, bellas doncellas surgen como de la nada.

Estos días, mi hija y yo tejemos una bufanda para que la use con su uniforme del cole, dando continuidad a la labor de las abuelas. En cada punto pongo mi cariño y mis mejores deseos de alegría ( no falta la protección maternal, claro). Es el ejemplo perfecto de cómo lo que no tiene forma se manifiesta en el mundo de la materia. Las partes de la bufanda que están hechas con impaciencia o poca atención muestran puntos que se han perdido dejando un agujero o que están irregulares. Sin embargo, aquellas partes en las que nos paramos a sentir el presente, a respirar, a hacer nuestra labor desde el amor, reflejan una armonía maravillosa.

En nuestra vida, el tejido de la existencia se expande, no sólo en tamaño sino también en luminosidad y consciencia, por ejemplo, cada vez que sonreímos a alguien y que hablamos cariñosamente, también cuando hacemos algo con la intención de conectar desde el corazón o cuando respiramos y nos permitimos estar en el presente, en “yoga”.

¡Sigamos tejiendo felicidad, compasión y pura alegría!

om shanti

Weaving life…


This post is not trying to teach anything, just invite you to contemplate.

I don´t know if you have ever knitted, embroidered or sewn anything. Nowadays, they have almost become old crafts in extinction, but not that long ago it was common to see Spanish women spending the afternoons gathering together to weave the meaning of their existence. I have spent many hours like that, with my grandmother, my mother and older aunts. During those get-togethers our lives were filled with meaning, each piece of conversation linked us to one another, the same way that the woolen thread creates something beautiful with each rhythmic movement of the needles. It was a continuous act of creativity and expansion of our common universe.

Tantra understands the cosmos as a huge web, a kind of fabric that we all create together, moment by moment, with each thought, intention and act. One of the meanings of tantra is “to weave”, it is also an “instrument”. Each stitch in a tapestry interweaves the colors in the base, then, incredible flowers, unicorns or beautiful young women appear almost like magic.

Now, I am knitting with my daughter. A scarf for her to use with  the school uniform. Love, my best wishes for happiness (and a good amount of maternal protection, of course) are poured into each knitting stitch. It is the perfect example to see how what is formless comes to manifest into the world of matter. The parts of the scarf that are made impatiently or lacking attention are uneven or irregular. On the contrary, those parts in which we have stopped to feel the present moment, to breathe and to do our work from a loving mindset, reflect the most peaceful harmony.

In our everyday lives the fabric of existence also expands, not only in size but also in luminosity and depth of consciousness: when we smile at someone, when we speak kindly and every time that we do something with the intention to connect from the level of the heart.

Keep weaving happiness, compassion and pure joy!!!

om shanti