3 things that are thought to be “healthy” and they are not

The food industry has realized that there is a huge profit in the healthy foods section and most supermarkets mislead us filling their isles with good-for-you options that end up being more than questionable. In this post you will find 3 things that are not as “healthy” as people might think.

I work with a general rule of thumb that really works: “if a food did not exist one hundred years ago, should not be eaten”. But it is also true that we live in the society that we live and following that mantra is often times impossible. This is why I reveal the following secrets to a happy body-mind-heart.

Comercial “sugar free” cookies (and any other “free” pastry)

Ok, yes, they don´t have white sugar, but they are loaded with other artificial sweeteners that can be as harmful or even more damaging than regular sugar. Read the labels carefully and, if you choose to buy cookies or pastries, make sure that they don´t have chemical sweeteners or low quality fats like palm oil.

Skim milk or 0% yogurt (and any other low fat product)

If you eat dairy, it is very important for you to know that you must consume them with their whole fat, the way that nature (and the cow) created them, because their fat allows them to be more easily digested, among other things. Nowadays we know that calories are less fattening than what we were told and that healthy fats are necessary for the development of a radiant body.

Gluten free products, when someone is not  a celiac

The trend of eliminating gluten from our diet when there are no signs of gluten intolerance (intolerance to wheat, rye or barley´s protein) has overshadowed the fact that many gluten-free products are full of many ingredients that are even worse than gluten itself and, on the other hand, cereal sensitivity is often times related with the bad quality of wheat and not with a real intolerance to gluten. Sensitivity and intolerance are not the same.

Cook, meditate and celebrate! #yogaenlacocina

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