5 minutes that tear down the walls

We all create personality walls around ourselves, built with the stone blocks of our past memories as a defense mechanism most of the time, but Did you know that we also create them around other people locking them up within our own ideas of who they are? When we demolish all those walls between one another, we can look at others from self to self and our relationships become a lot deeper and enriching.

Many conflicts resolve like magic if you really allow yourself to let go of the idea that you have created about who the other person is. We are in the presence of someone and, often times, we are only with the projection of who that person is. It becomes a problem, because then we stop the other being from being  who he/she is in any given moment, we restrain their change and evolution. Who am I with, the person that I met ten years ago or the person who is here and now?

The following exercise will make you break down the walls in your relationships and will free yourself, as well as the other, from the siege where you have placed both of you:

Sit in a quiet space allowing your attitude to be harmonious and meditative.

Breathe for a few minutes until you feel that your awareness is settled in the heart.

Then, visualize a virtual space in which you and the chosen person meet, both in your most evolved and luminous state possible.

Look at the eyes of the other person and ask him/her gently: -Who are you? … Who are you? … Who are you?

Allow space for the other person to express him/herself: it might not happen through words, probably it will be through sensations and feelings.

When you feel that the exercise is complete, say good-bye with a hug and become aware of your physical body again.

it is super important that when you meet again with the person with whom you did the visualization, you try to not project and do your best to see beyond. Look at him/her with a receptive attitude, as if it was the first time you meet and celebrate!

Love and Peace in all our relationships

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