A whiner inside?

Do you get together with friends because you have the urge to tell them about the yucky stuff in your life? Or maybe it happens the other way around? This is a sign that there is a whiner inside of you, but don´t worry because all of us are familiar with that pattern, right? Today, I share with you how to transform it. 

Wow, you feel so great when you stop complaining and start celebrating life… but for many reasons a lot of people don´t know how to do that or don´t allow themselves to be happy. There is something underlying any complaint: the idea that life can not be happy, joyful or fun, that it is a valley of misery and that we are here to suffer.  I get goose bumps by just thinking about how this completely wrong vision of life was also present in my life.

Join the LIVE on Tuesday 30th at 15:00 because I will speak about the keys to take the leap towards a life of celebration in which you take your own power and become a generator of joy and positive experiences for all.

I will be there, facebook and instagram screens open.

aham prema – we are love

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