Active or seated meditation?

I like to teach that meditation is simply “being”, but how challenging that is at times, right? In the path of meditation there are infinite techniques that work as a vehicle, taking us to our destination so when we arrive, we get out of it. The many techniques are not better or worse, but rather they should be considered according to the quality of our lifestyle as well as of our body-mind-heart.  

Seating quietly to meditate is the easiest and and the most difficult that there is because the minute that you close your eyes, the mind and the body start their chatter. They want to move, liberate tensions, solve problems. This is why yoga asana and active meditations, in which you meditate moving your body for a while before sitting, are wonderful and will allow you to sit calmly and enjoy your time of stillness. I would say that moving consciously before sitting should be a must in the process of meditation and this is how it is contemplated in yoga.

Do not miss the LIVE on Tuesday 23rd at 15:00. I will talk about my favorite active meditations and about how they allow us to experience the universe of inner peace that we already are.

I will be there, facebook & instagram screens open.

aham prema – we are love



Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

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