Are my chakras blocked?

One of the most used and maybe misunderstood words in yoga is “chakra”, but I like the popularization of concepts like this because it has a positive side: many people talk about energy and subtle body as general conversational topics. A reader asked if her chakras could be blocked, Do you also feel that some important clarifications are needed in this regards?

First, we must considerate that material life is a blockage in itself because universal energy becomes denser and compresses towards itself in order to give shape to what we call body-mind-heart. It is similar to the air that goes through a flute, air and flute are the same in essence, but without the resistance created by the shape of the musical instrument, the sound would not be able to exist. When I started to look at it this way, I made peace with the idea of “block”.

All that said, What does it mean to have the chakras blocked?  Let´s talk about it in the LIVE of Tuesday 29th at 15:00. We have an online date,  facebook and instagram screens open.


aham prema – we are love

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