At home we drink distilled water

The picture above shows the inside of my home water distiller after having distilled four liters of water. Do you notice the whitish pasty residue? It accumulates in your body when you drink water that hasn´t gone through this process. If you could smell it… yuck… really unpleasant. For the last two years we have been drinking distilled water at our home because it is the purest way of hydrating our bodies, it also tastes delicious. The residue that the process leaves contains many inorganic minerals, chemical substances and heavy metals that your tissues can not absorb and stores as toxicity. You have probably heard that you need the minerals in water, but this is only a myth because the beneficial minerals for your body are organic and come from the foods that you eat, not from the water.

Today is World Water Day in the precious blue planet. Bathe in the sea or in a river, drink it consciously, listen to its song and honor it.

In the LIVE on Tuesday 26th I will tell you why I choose distilled water for my family, its benefits and more. I will be in facebook & instagram at 15:00.

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