The best present and my no-list of holiday gifts

What would you say that is the best gift this holiday season? For weeks I have been contemplating the writing of this post. First I wanted to offer you a list with recommended gifts that could make your Christmas easier, but to be honest, I  am quite anti-consumerism these days… So from my meditation pillow I can say that I have one single special gift this year:
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Living like an “amish”

Two different people in the last few weeks have talked to me about research papers related with the low incidence of cancer, asthma or diabetes among the Amish communities. When I lived in the US, I used to buy at a local “amish” marked where I bought fruits, vegetables and many other things. Everything was delicious and I could feel how I went home with a super healthy shopping cart. Would you like to know what is the main contributor to their good health?
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