Holidays, escapism or adventure?

Summer and traveling, it seems that they go hand in hand, right? but not everyone travels for holidays or work. In my family, we didn´t settle until I was eleven, up until then, life was quite nomad, my dad and his continuous impulse to move from here to there, as if he was trapped in his own life. Changes of scenario can reflect great evolutionary steps or not. Let´s see why.  Continue reading “Holidays, escapism or adventure?”

Obsessive thoughts

You are at the beach, lying down, relaxed and bang! the mind starts giving you a hard time by repeating the same thoughts over and over. You start feeling miserable because you see yourself being imprisoned by the familiar spiral of negativity. This can happen anywhere, tearing to pieces special moments that you were supposed to enjoy. There is a way of stopping it.  Continue reading “Obsessive thoughts”

How to stay on the right path?

All of us, at one point or another, have the sensation that new year´s resolutions last only a few weeks or that the intention of getting up every morning to meditate doesn´t go beyond the twenty one days threshold. The truth is that opposition from the outside environment can be brutal, but the Light within is way bigger. I promise. Read how to remain on the right path following these 3 simple steps: Continue reading “How to stay on the right path?”