Jyotish, yoga´s astrology

We enter the month when three wise men read in the stars about the birth of a great being. In the yoga tradition there is an astrological science called Jyotish, the science of Light, that finds its roots in Vedic times. I don´t know a lot about astrology, neither occidental nor vedic, but I feel very grateful towards the Jyotish astrologers that I have consulted with over the years. Continue reading “Jyotish, yoga´s astrology”

What is “super” in superfoods?

In my book Yoga en la cocina superfoods take up a section of each chapter and recently I was asked in an interview about the difference between an organic apple and the foods that we qualify as super. Very rightly so, the journalist thought that the fruit hand picked from the tree had a more powerful nutritional charge, but there are reasons why we talk about superfoods they way we do.

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