Ayurtips for healthy hair

Spring is here and has brought its precious sprouts of life growing everywhere. For some, it is also the time of the year when a seasonal hair loss is more noticeable. Today´s Drop is an answer to a dearest reader.

Yogins say that our hair works as an energetic antenna, gathering the vital force from the universe and channeling it for the awakening of kundalini. On the other hand, buddhist talk about hair as “the strands of ignorance” because, for them, it represents human ignorance and monks cut their hair as a way to let go of memories from the past among other reasons. In our society is a fundamental feature of personal identity and we dedicate significants amount of money and time to hair care, however, it also has important physiological functions like being a great insulator and protection for the head.

As a general rule, Ayurveda recommends that we identify our specific type of hair and encourages us to think that our hair is healthy if its state is close to when we were lively children. I would love to have Pocahontas´ mane, but it is not what I chose for this lifetime ;). There are three kinds of hair, according to your body-mind constitution:

Unruly, fine hair that grows fast is characteristic of people with a dominance of vata (air and space).

Medium thick hair, not very abundant and with a tendency towards thinning is characteristic of people with a dominance of pitta (fire).

Shiny, abundant, strong and thick hair is is characteristic of people with a dominance of kapha (earth and water).

Sporadic or seasonal hair loss might have very diverse causes. Read about two of them:

1. Spring and Autumn are the seasons of renovation and change. For this reason, some people see that their hair loss increases. It is natural, think that humans shed the skin and hair the same way other animals do.

2. It might be caused by stress or anxiety. Since hair is an extension of the nervous system, it feels the direct influence of the mind´s state. Tension caused by stress can make us loose up to three quarters of the hair!

General ayurtips for healthy hair:

Rest, conscious breathing, meditation and relaxation.

A diet that includes: green leafy vegetables; juicy seasonal fruits: nuts and seeds; whole grains and legumes; spices like cumin, black pepper and turmeric; wheat germ.

Try to use natural hair color and care products; wooden hair combs and brushes; if your hair is long, brush it in all directions; and give your scalp and hair oil massages frequently.

Peace and Love

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