Bikini challenge

Oh, oh it is coming… the most dreaded time of year… the time to purchase this new season´s bikini! Very few circumstances lower people´s self esteem as much as trying on bikinis in the month of May. You are pale as milk and with the humiliating lights of the changing rooms you see defects everywhere. We like it or not, we all have our little issues with body image, but What if I tell you that this Drop of Light brings you a completely revolutionary view on the subject?

The physical body is the vehicle that you chose to be in this world. Yes, in the catalog of existence there were many kinds of bodies, but you decided that the one you have here & now was the perfect one for you, the one that was going to allow you to undertake your personal journey as incarnated being on Earth, fulfilling all your soul and karmic needs. Nevertheless, consumerism society insists on telling you that you have to be this way or this other way, following the artificial beauty stereotypes  created by photoshop or in a plastic surgeon´s lab. Unfortunately, they have succeeded and we all have that devilish voice within telling us how we should be taller, fatter, thinner, with whiter teeth, more breasted and with longer, abundant and shiny as the Sun hair.

Break once and for all with that and fall in love again with your own body by putting into practice the following ayurtips!

❤ Daily harmonic routine.

❤ Auto-abhyanga.

❤ “Mirror, mirror” exercise (you will find it in my book Una fiesta para el alma)

❤ Breathing contemplation “Lovingly, I inhabit my body”.

Sit down in a meditative posture, within your sacred space. Start breathing gently, expanding the cycles of inspiration and expiration. Not forcing, expecting nothing, looking for nothing.

Now feel yourself within your body-mind-heart, because this network of structural matter is part of the being of light that you are.  Your body-mind-heart is your home. Breathe gently being inside you home here on Earth. The sensations are so comforting and nurturing. Mmmmm… continue breathing this way for a few more minutes.

When it is time, open your eyes and contemplate your body from the outside. Look at it with love for a few more seconds or minutes. Next, return to your chores.


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