To be conscious is not the same as to be aware

How many times have you probably heard something like “be aware or you might hurt yourself” (or fall or burn the food)? Since we were children we have heard this same old story. Wouldn´t it have been better something like “pay attention or your life might go to waste”? Below, a great remedy for modern life´s neurosis, fears, stress, lack of motivation, addictions or unhappiness.
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A book about to be born!

Having your brand-new book in your hands is not like holding a newly born child, not even close. However, I feel so excited that it seems as if I had an entire butterfly farm in my stomach. September 4th is a key date in my life, and I hope that also significant in yours, because Yoga en la cocina, nutrición alquímica para el cuerpo, la mente y el alma, my next book, comes out.  Continue reading “A book about to be born!”