Happy Day of Yoga!


Today is the International Yoga Day and since you are subscribed to my newsletter I am sure that you already are a super yogin. This is the reason why, in this special celebration, I would like to ask you five questions about your practice and experience. So please, as an outpouring of your generosity keep reading and answer one or all of them. Continue reading “Happy Day of Yoga!”

The strawberry moon is here

North America´s Algonquin tribes named the June´s full moon “strawberry moon” because it marked the best time to harvest wild strawberries. In all ancient traditions of the planet, Ayurveda included, the moon has been linked to the cycles of Nature. On the 17th we will be enjoying it in its full splendor and if you want to take advantage of all its benefits, I share with you some lunar ayurtips that you will love. Continue reading “The strawberry moon is here”