Active or seated meditation?

I like to teach that meditation is simply “being”, but how challenging that is at times, right? In the path of meditation there are infinite techniques that work as a vehicle, taking us to our destination so when we arrive, we get out of it. The many techniques are not better or worse, but rather they should be considered according to the quality of our lifestyle as well as of our body-mind-heart.   Continue reading “Active or seated meditation?”

Social media for inner growth

We have been talking for a few years about the importance of doing a technology detox, unplugging from cell phones and screens for a while. I am the first one to promote that and to bring it into my own life, but technology and relationships through a screen are a reality that is here to stay. What do you think if we take advantage of social media and use it as a springboard for inner growth?
Continue reading “Social media for inner growth”

I don´t fit in!

Many people spend their lives trying to be like everyone else, consuming the same products than the rest of society and following a lifestyle similar to their neighbors, family or colleagues because that is the way things are supposed to be. On the contrary, yogins were always rebellious nonconformists and share a world view that is quite far from what others agree to be valid.  Continue reading “I don´t fit in!”