Meditation in the auspicious night (mantra included 🎧)

The previous night to the New Moon is a very favorable time for all Light workers and the one of Feb. 21st will be the most special of the year because we celebrate Maha Shivaratri, the great night to Shiva. The planets and the Earth´s forces align pushing us up towards our spiritual ascension. Join the most powerful nigh meditation of the year!

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Feeling love

Yipee! The red-hearts month is here and I love the fact that it happens in full Winter because the cold makes us enjoy even more the warmth of hugs, squeezes, kisses and many more affectionate gestures. According to Yoga the divine is love and we can celebrate it in all its forms, romanticism, of course, is one of them.
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Give your body a break

The holidays are over, it was full moon last night and it is time to give your body a break. In this post I encourage you to do a non-fasting cleanse. You can start TODAY and it doesn´t require any preparation, special products or anything that your don´t already have in your home. It only requires that you stop eating certain foods that have been quite present in your day to day during the last month.  Continue reading “Give your body a break”