Breathe consciously (2)

Here it is! The second part of the article you received on Friday June 30th. Find below, the super exercise I mentioned, I hope you breathe it and enjoy it a lot. 

Conscious breathing means…

On one side, it means that you are observing your breath. At first, you observe without judging and you realize if your breath is superficial or deep; if it is happening only in the upper part of your lungs or if you fill them fully, expanding the diaphragm and allowing the belly to move gently; if it is fast and intermittent or if it has a natural, uninterrupted pattern. Once you are aware of the way you are breathing, you can change the pattern and make the breath longer, nourishing and full of peace.

On the other side, it means that with each breath you are bringing in consciousness or high energy into every cell of your body and into every part of your mind. You have the opportunity with each inhalation to fill up with life, light, wisdom and love. Each exhalation brings you the chance to let go  of all that doesn´t serve you any more, of what weighs you down or makes you suffer. Conscious breathing is very transformative because it creates an alchemy in your soul capable of transmuting the karmic memories that have grown the strongest roots.

 Simple conscious breathing exercise

To do anywhere and at anytime. The more you practice it, the better.

Wherever you are, stop and observe your breath:

Are the inhale-exhale cycles long or short?

Is it superficial or deep?

Fast or slow?

Does it happen only in the upper lungs or is your whole torso moving gently?

Now observe the state of your mind:

How do you feel?

Are you tense in any specific place of your body-mind?

What is your breath telling you?

What emotions are moving through you?

If your breath is fast, intermittent or superficial, change it. Start breathing in an clam and deep way. Give yourself a few minutes. After that, observe and you will see that you feel a lot better than before and that things seems to show more colors now.

Because prana is the real spark of life!

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