5 minutes that tear down the walls

We all create personality walls around ourselves, built with the stone blocks of our past memories as a defense mechanism most of the time, but Did you know that we also create them around other people locking them up within our own ideas of who they are? When we demolish all those walls between one another, we can look at others from self to self and our relationships become a lot deeper and enriching.
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Life is not THAT way

Who came up with the idea that life is hard, difficult, dangerous or painful? You might have been lucky and didn´t grow up with those mental patterns, but my worldview was forged by hearing adjectives like the ones above. May we take advantage of the last days of the month of good intentions to clear, once and for all, those ideas that keep us trapped and to fly free and radiant.

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The seeds of desires

Why do we “want” things? Where do desires come from? Are they bad? good? Why do they hung around our minds unceasingly? Tonight is the most magical night of the year for Spanish children and my favorite holiday… interesting that it is not the first time that coinciding with the newsletter. Because of all this, you can not miss the two kinds of seeds that where desires sprout from.
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