The strawberry moon is here

North America´s Algonquin tribes named the June´s full moon “strawberry moon” because it marked the best time to harvest wild strawberries. In all ancient traditions of the planet, Ayurveda included, the moon has been linked to the cycles of Nature. On the 17th we will be enjoying it in its full splendor and if you want to take advantage of all its benefits, I share with you some lunar ayurtips that you will love. Continue reading “The strawberry moon is here”

The secret to alchemic nutrition

There are more and more people that have stopped eating foods that come from animals or that have reduced the intake of meats and other animal products. You know that I am a super fan of vegan and vegetarian diets for many reasons. However, many times people tell me that they fell guilty about “desiring” eating meat because they don´t want to contribute to creating more suffering in the planet, including themselves, and they ask me about the meaning of the alchemic diet.

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I am a mother, period.

Above everything else, I am a mother. Nothing else needed. Nowadays it is easy to read everywhere about the importance of being an entrepreneur-mom, liberated-mom, supermom or powerful business woman-mom, I and many others reclaim being only a mother. I don´t need to be valued for the work that I do outside of my home, neither for my aspect or by how yummy my rice pudding tastes because what is most important to me is my role as mother.

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