Improving concentration

My cousin Germán is a great yoga practitioner and he asked me about how to improve concentration during the conscious relaxation and the yogic breathing exercises that we practice in class. I loved the request because focus, in general, is one of the big issues in our society. According to a study performed in the US, the average attention span of a human nowadays is shorter that a fish´s… Cousin, your answer is below! Continue reading “Improving concentration”

Bikini challenge

Oh, oh it is coming… the most dreaded time of year… the time to purchase this new season´s bikini! Very few circumstances lower people´s self esteem as much as trying on bikinis in the month of May. You are pale as milk and with the humiliating lights of the changing rooms you see defects everywhere. We like it or not, we all have our little issues with body image, but What if I tell you that this Drop of Light brings you a completely revolutionary view on the subject? Continue reading “Bikini challenge”