Detox 2

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cleansing diet is a lot more than what you eat or don´t eat. This post is not about food but about the little things that can improve the renewal process that you go through when you detox.

The following tips will help you to eliminate all that your body- mind-heart don´t need anymore.
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Equilibrium – Equilibrio

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he equinox that just passed marks the time when night and day are in perfect balance, they last the same and neither of them is dominant. What do you understand for “balance”? Do you think that it can have an influence in your state of health and wellbeing?

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Ayurtips for Winter – Ayurconsejos de invierno

Click to enlarge: Winter Fruits & Vegetables
Winter Fruits & Vegetables (click to enlarge)

I s it hard for you to get up in the morning? Do you feel heavier than normal or a little down of spirit? Those are signs that Winter pulsation has settled into your body-mind system. The season is cold, it rains, snows, the Sun light and the levels of energy are lower too. In order to balance the effects of Winter, you can introduce the following ayurtips in your life:

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