Ayurtips for Winter – Ayurconsejos de invierno

Click to enlarge: Winter Fruits & Vegetables
Winter Fruits & Vegetables (click to enlarge)

I s it hard for you to get up in the morning? Do you feel heavier than normal or a little down of spirit? Those are signs that Winter pulsation has settled into your body-mind system. The season is cold, it rains, snows, the Sun light and the levels of energy are lower too. In order to balance the effects of Winter, you can introduce the following ayurtips in your life:

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Are you sitting? – ¿Estás sentado?

Some simple tips for correct sitting - Consejos sencillos para estar sentado correctamente C hairs, sofas, car seats, rockers, lazy chairs or thrones. All share the capacity to damage your health and diminish considerably your levels of energy. This post offers you some simple tips for correct sitting. 

A dear student teaches science at a local school and yesterday she asked me if I could give her any recommendations for a kid that wanted to know how to be on the chair. Most people spend way more time sitting than they should and this has become one of the most popular subjects among health conversations nowadays.

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My 2014 resolution – Mi propósito 2014

krishna_15_full I
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Yoga, natural universal law – Yoga, ley natural universal


t is Constitution Day in Spain. So many thoughts about human law, righteous living and the need of a radical new thinking…

The powerful techniques of yoga offer a way to reestablish the natural universal law inherent within yourself. Tantric teachers in the past talk about the concept of pratiloman, which means “to go against the grain”. Some radical practitioners of India can be seen walking around naked, sleeping near cremation grounds, in the forests, outside the villages and cities, their bodies covered with ashes and a curious spark in their eyes.

Yogic scripture talks about the era that we are in as a time where we have fallen out of order. We have forgotten what it means to be “human” and therefore the laws that the political classes have created through the centuries only support the enrichment of a few individuals in detriment of the planet and of the rest of humanity. Yoga says that the dark patterns are deeply ingrained in all of us. Some signs that show you when you are acting from ignorance are: egoism, attachment, aversion, fear, pride, lust, greed, rage or just plain negativity about yourself and others.

 In our social context we use words like “counterculture” referring to a way of living and thinking that goes against what is the ordinary. So the question is What does it mean to live radically or against the regular norm nowadays, in our Western society? Probably things like:

  • creating a lifestyle conducive to inner growth (less noise, less screen time, less shopping, more love)
  • being disciplined (study your Self with full passion)
  • questioning the group norms (it is ok to go about on your own)
  • getting involved (pause and act wisely and compassionately)
  • reflecting on virtues like: seeing a bigger picture of reality, humbleness, generosity, peace, contentment, kindness, joy

Is there something that you do out of the norm and that is in alignment with the greater laws of the Universe? Please share in the comments area. We will all benefit from it!

Om Shanti

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Saturday, Dec. 14th. 10 – 12h


Workshop: Shakti power: creative forces of yoga

Manifest your life´s mission
Saturday, Dec. 28th. 10-12h

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03_el-espacio H
oy es el día de la Constitución en España… me vienen muchos pensamientos sobre la ley humana, la honestidad, la necesidad radical de  un nuevo orden y de ir contracorriente.

Las poderosas técnicas del yoga ofrecen la manera de restablecer la ley natural universal inherente en ti mismo. Los maestros tántricos hablan del concepto pratiloman, que significa “ir a contrapelo”. Hay adeptos radicales en India que andan por ahí desnudos, duermen cerca de los lugares de cremación, en el bosque o fuera de los centros urbanos, cobren sus cuerpos con ceniza y se vislumbra una luminosidad interesantísima en sus ojos.

Las escrituras del yoga hablan de la era en la que vivimos como un tiempo en el que hemos perdido el sentido de quiénes somos, olvidando lo que significa “humano”. Así que las leyes creadas por la clase política solo apoyan el enriquecimiento de unos pocos en detrimento del planeta y del resto de la humanidad. Estos patrones de oscuridad están bien arraigados. Algunas señales de que actuamos desde esta ignorancia son: el egoísmo, apego, aversión, miedo, orgullo, lujuria, avaricia, ira, o la negatividad pura y dura hacia nosotros mismos y hacia otros.

En nuestro contexto social utilizamos palabras como “contracultura” para referirnos a maneras de vivir y de pensar que se oponen a lo ordinario. Mi pregunta es ¿Qué significa vivir en contra de lo que se ha establecido como norma hoy en día? Probablemente cosas como…

  • crear una forma de vida propicia al crecimiento interno (menos ruido, menos tiempo frente a la pantalla, menos compras, más amor)
  • ser disciplinado ( estudia el Ser con verdadera pasión)
  • cuestionar las normas grupales (está bien eso de ir por tu cuenta)
  •  involucrarse ( párate y actúa sabiamente y con compasión)
  • reflexiona sobre virtudes como: ver la realidad desde una perspectiva más amplia, la humildad, el perdón, la generosidad, la paz, la satisfacción, la amabilidad o la alegría.

¿Hay algo que tú hagas fuera de las normas y que esté en alineación con las leyes del Universo? Por favor, compártelo en los comentarios, ¡nos servirá a todos!

Om Shanti


Clase *Locos por el Yoga* para yogins experimentados
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Taller Poder de Shakti: fuerzas creadoras del yoga

Manifiesta tu misión en esta vida
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Ayurtips for the Fall · Ayurconsejos para el Otoño

(castellano abajo)


The air is cooler and dryer, the Sycamore leaves in the city´s promenade are yellowish and the days much shorter. In our precious island we are making the transition into Fall. It is a time of change and instability, not only in the outer Nature but within each one of us as well. People are buying tissues and it is better to not leave your sweater at home. Welcome to the crispness of the morning, to scarves and socks!

Nature retracts after the splendor of Summer and we start a time of quieter introspection. When your rhythms are perfectly harmonized with Mother Earth, your immune system stays strong and healthy (it means less or no colds or flus!). So read attentively because in this post you will find easy ayurtips for a happy Fall:

  1. Drink ginger tea throughout the day. It is quite easy to make: just put a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger in your mug and pour in the hot boiling water. Let it sit for a few minutes and drink as warm as possible.Fresh organic ginger will hold more potency than other store bought ginger teas.
  2. Avoid being exposed to cold drafts of air. Keep your neck, chest, head and feet covered and warm.
  3. Favor heavier and warmer foods than in Summer, but make sure that they are easy to digest. Veggie stews, compotes, soups, porridges, soupy recipes, etc. Drink plenty of room temperature water or digestive teas that include spices like cinnamon, cardamom or fennel.
  4. Reduce dry or raw foods, cold drinks and frozen desserts.
  5. Practice yoga asana more vigorously than in Summer. Warm up well by doing Sun Salutations and keep an even, deep rhythm in your breath all throughout the practice. Cover yourself during the final relaxation so you don´t get cold in the middle of it.
  6. Meditate and contemplate the changes in the environment. You too can let go of many things that don´t serve you anymore, like the trees letting go of their dry leaves.

Happy week to all!

Om Shanti


Event *Palma Goes Yoga 2014*

19 oct. 10h · Palza Sa Faixina, Palma

A Massive outdoor yoga class. 7 yoga studios in Palma bring their students together at the park of Sa Faixina.



El aire se ha vuelto más fresco y seco, las hojas de los plátanos en el paseo de la ciudad amarillean y los días son considerablemente más cortos. En nuestra preciosa isla ya se siente la transición hacia el otoño. Es un momento de cambio e inestabilidad, no sólo en la naturaleza externa sino también en el interior de cada uno. La gente anda comprando pañuelos de papel y es mejor que no te dejes la chaqueta en casa. ¡Bienvenidos al fresquito, las bufandas y los calcetines!

La Naturaleza se retrae tras su esplendor veraniego y nosotros también iniciamos una etapa de mayor quietud e introspección. Cuando tus ritmos y los de la Madre Tierra están armonizados a la perfección, mantienes tu sistema inmunológico más fuerte y sano (significa que no tendrás resfriados ni gripes!). Así que lee con atención porque en este post encontrarás una serie de ayurconsejos para el otoño:

  1. Bebe té de jengibre fresco a lo largo del día. Es muy fácil de hacer: solo tienes que rallar una cucharadita de jengibre, ponerla en una taza (grande) y echar encima el agua caliente. Déjalo reposar unos minutos y tómatelo calentito. El jengibre fresco y biológico tiene mucha más potencia que otros tés de jengibre ya en bolsitas.
  2. Evita las corrientes de aire. Abrígate el cuello y el pecho y mantén los pies calientes.
  3. Favorece alimentos más pesados y calientes que en el verano, pero que sean fáciles de digerir. Estofados de verduras, hervidos, compotas, sopas, cereales cocinados, recetas de tipo caldoso, etc. Acompáñalos de abundante agua (del tiempo) o de infusiones digestivas que incluyan especias como la canela, el anís o el cardamomo.
  4. Reduce los alimentos secos o crudos, las bebidas frías o los postres helados.
  5. Practica yoga asana con más vigor que en verano. Prepara bien el cuerpo, haciendo más series de saludos al sol que en los meses de calor. Mantén un ritmo equilibrado y profundo en tu respiración. Cúbrete con una manta durante la relajación para que no te quedes frío.
  6. Medita y contempla los cambios en el entorno. Siente como tú también puedes dejar partir muchas cosas que ya no te sirven, igual que los árboles sueltan sus hojas secas.

¡Feliz semana a todos!

Om Shanti


Evento *Palma Goes Yoga 2014*

19 oct. 10h · Palza Sa Faixina, Palma

Una clase de yoga multitudinaria bajo el cielo abierto. Siete estudios de yoga palmesanos

invitan a toda la ciudad para practicar juntos en el parque sa Faixina.

A therapeutic yoga class


Wednesday mornings I teach a Therapeutic Yoga class. It is one of the highlights of my week because in each of the sessions the most peaceful and regenerative atmosphere is created. But most people do not really know what this class is about so this post explains what you can expect and if this class is the yoga space most appropriate for you. 

Here is a quote that I love: “Yoga Therapy is the use of Yoga techniques in order to create, stimulate and maintain an optimal state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health”. Dr. Judith Lasater

How does the class flow? The group of participants is limited to ten people. We open with a few centering minutes and I present the philosophical/physical theme that will be the guide of the practice. This theme is always positive and enhancing. As all my classes, we start chanting Om, understood as the underlying universal vibration. Next comes the practice of the poses. Most are done laying down on the floor so the body wears less weight; we use the support of the wall and all necessary props (blankets, belts, blocks, chairs). The rhythm is gentle and meditative. The amount of asanas practiced is less that in a regular class and they are held longer. I work deeply, with detailed attention given to alignment so the body-mind-heart has the opportunity to feel and improve any illness or injury that might be diminishing your freedom. The final relaxation lasts 10 to 15 minutes and I always dedicate a time for various breathing techniques and easy meditations. After a complete and integrative practice, class is over. 

Is it right for you? The public coming to these classes are people with some kind of pain or injury: problems in the joints, in the back, injuries caused by accidents… It is the right class for people dealing with stress, anxiety or sleep disorders. Because of its paused rhythm it is also beneficial for those dealing with respiratory concerns or recovering from an illness. But you can also find yogis that simply prefer this modality of yoga.

Adjustments or not? One of the characteristics of these class is that you receive a highly personalized attention. As teacher, I need to make sure that the alignment is right in all students and that the props are being used properly. I also give many manual adjustments that support each student´s individual process. However, if you prefer not to receive hands-on adjustments it is important that you let me know. You and your needs are most important to me.

Yoga Therapy awakens you own power to heal. If you live in Mallorca and if you know of anyone that can benefit from this offering, take advantage of my Therapeutic Yoga classes on WEDNESDAYS 12:30pm at Zunray.

Please share… may all beings be happy and free!!

Om Shanti