The seeds of desires

Why do we “want” things? Where do desires come from? Are they bad? good? Why do they hung around our minds unceasingly? Tonight is the most magical night of the year for Spanish children and my favorite holiday… interesting that it is not the first time that coinciding with the newsletter. Because of all this, you can not miss the two kinds of seeds that where desires sprout from.
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Even the moon celebrates New Years!

Passing the threshold into the new year is going to be a blast since the moon will be (almost) full the night of the 31st. Even the moon is going out partying! On top of that, it will be a supermoon, which means that it is when it will be the biggest and closest to the Earth. Today, I have a present for you: a meditative exercise that I recommend in the Radiant Woman program so you can celebrate the beginning of 2018 with this very special moon.
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