Do you know how to create sacred space?

There is something that helps you immensely when you want your practice to be constant, easy and that will hook your attention since the first moment, even before you start moving on the mat or beginning your consciousness exercises.

That special place where time stops, where the noise from the street can not reach and you are capable of leaving all troubles outside. Do you know why you feel so great when you enter the shala at the yoga studio? Well, the secret is precisely that, there, sacred space has been created, a sanctuary where people can breathe peace, calmness and silence.

During this coming Tuesday´s “live” (at 15:00 in facebook and instagram) I will speak about how to establish something like it anywhere you are, giving you recommendations about how to build an energetic channel that connects all parts of your being, tapping into the architect of Light that you already are. Remember that if you can´t watch it live, the recording will always be available.

aham prema – may we be love

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