Doses of difficulties

Frequently, I talk about Holy Week as a special moment for rebirth and inner awakening, but if you are Spanish, stored in your memory you might find images of religious processions with teared statues and their terrible expressions of pain. Is suffering necessary?

Our comfort society has created lives full of commodities and pleasures, we are afraid of hard times and some of us even attend workshops where we hope to develop qualities like resilience, which allows us to go through challenging transitions. The largest amount of people on the planet wouldn´t consider these kind of issues because their day to day existence is already full of great doses of difficulties and constantly have to make the best out of their circumstances and adapt to adversity. You and I are very, very lucky.

Women know well that there is a kind of suffering that is “good”, like the labor pains, in which the body screams allowing the birth of our children. In the inner path, there are “growing pains” as well, necessary for evolution and understanding. As an example, my daughter went to her first language school abroad last Summer and the first four days she had the hardest time (you can image that me too, even though I knew that she was in a fantastic place). My goodness, how she howled and made a fuss asking us to pick her up! This suffering it is similar to when a little bird breaks the shell allowing a new life to be birthed. The same way that the hardened layers of our personality complain, scream and rebel when they face circumstances that crack them up in order to allow our Self to shine more brightly.

When something uncomfortable or bad happens to me, I ask myself Who is crying within me? What character within myself is suffering? During those days of my daughter´s trip who really went through those sleepless nights were the overly protective mother and the memories of mothers whose children had gone through real suffering, all of them are parts of my inner world. We all cried so much… but at the end, we could overcome it, my karmas were transformed and both my daughter and I came out of it stronger and braver. And at the end of her trip she was upset because she had to come back home.

Peace and Love

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