Even the moon celebrates New Years!

Passing the threshold into the new year is going to be a blast since the moon will be (almost) full the night of the 31st. Even the moon is going out partying! On top of that, it will be a supermoon, which means that it is when it will be the biggest and closest to the Earth. Today, I have a present for you: a meditative exercise that I recommend in the Radiant Woman program so you can celebrate the beginning of 2018 with this very special moon.

Life in our planet is intimately linked to the moon phases: crops, tides, menstruation and mating happen in harmony with its sacred cycles. Establishing a dialogue with her,  listening to and understanding her is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a radiant woman or man. this exercise gives you the opportunity to celebrate internally, it might even encourage you to cheer and toss while being bathed in its white and clear light, that illuminates even the darkest shadows.

Luna lunera

Preparation: the first thing that you should do is knowing at what time it will be visible in the area where you are, when it comes out and when it sets.

During the night, go outside and dialogue with the moon.

Contemplate it, breathe and feel the influence that its soft glow has over you.

Breathe gently for a few minutes. It will take you some time to get centered and to start listening to her deeply. Its messages will probably not come as words.

What is it telling you? What is the moon whispering to you tonight? (below, you can write down your experience).




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Joyful stepping into 2018!!! Peace and Love


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