Exhale and let go, liberate and lighten your path, cut loose… The days before the end of the year are the most auspicious if you want to do a “letting go ritual” to say good-bye to the wonderful 12-months cycle that is now coming to an end.

Giving the proper closure to life cycles is really important when we look at it from the process of evolution. We are used to creating full of enthusiasm, to give all of our energy whenever we start new projects, but we hardly pay attention to the last phase of things. Yes, you have probably made amazing plans for the 31st, I have my outfit ready ;), but what I am talking about today is giving 2018 a conscious farewell.

The word “ritual” comes from the Sanskrit root rtu- and refers to the periods of time that we use to measure and organize life. So rituals and new year´s eve are the perfect combo. Click on the following links to my blog and you will find ways to close 2018 with great love:

5 questions before the year ends

Even the moon celebrates New Year´s!

 Full of joyful excitement I wish you a  HAPPY 2019!!!



Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

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