Feminism and feminine

Today is the International Day of Women and even though it seems strange that there has to be one day to celebrate the beings that live inside a woman´s body, I would like to take advantage of it and reflect about our position in the world and in relationship with ourselves. In yoga and tantra we work a lot with the feminine energy, but are feminine and feminism the same? 

Yes, they are related concepts, but very different in their nuances and therefore in their meanings. While feminism is the group of political and cultural movements that take care of reclaiming the social rights of women, the feminine principle is the feminine essence that exists within within every woman and also inside every man.

Understanding how both work within us is a foundational step in the creation of a global society where equality, love and sensitivity prevail.

We will address this subject in the LIVE on Tuesday 12th at 15:00 in facebook & instagram. Not to miss!

aham prema – we are love



Photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash

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