First step when dealing with disease

What do you do when you feel ill or get sick? Most people browse over the internet looking for an answer to what is going on or call for an appointment  with the family doctor. This is good, but if you want to heal deeply, Ayurveda recommends that, beforehand, you do what I am about to tell you:

Connect with yourself, with the being of light that your are. This should always be the first step in any process of healing.

Ayurveda, the holistic health science that comes from India and is yoga´s twin sister, teaches that our natural state is a radiant, perfect health and that disease is the absence of the body-mind-soul´s intrinsic harmony. When you learn how to look at your body-mind from a broader perspective, you watch with greater clarity the patterns of imbalance and you can support it with Light medicine as well as with the remedies that other people prescribe you. But I will speak about this during the Tuesday 13th LIVE at 15:00.

See you online. Join the LIVE through facebook or instagram, I will be there, screens open.

aham prema – we are love


(photo by Jared Rice in Unsplash)

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