From darkness to Light

In just a few days Diwali, the festival of Lights, will be celebrated in India.  Though many cultures have forgotten about the spiritual meaning of their holidays, Diwali is still a symbol of the triumph over darkness. Can we say that there is Light in the world? 

YES! Unquestionably. At times it seems impossible, but there is a lot more Light in the world now that before and the energetic channels are more open than ever. How do we explain injustice, the deceiving economical practices and other low energy patterns that are causing so much suffering to the planet and all beings living here? Think about your grandparents attic. For generations, much junk that nobody wanted was left there until one day you decide to go in and clean up. When you turn on the light, you realize that the voltage is too low and you can hardly see. Impossible to start a general cleaning this way! Then you replace the bulb for one with a higher voltage and voilà, you can see everything in detail: the junk, but also the thick layer of dust that has accumulated, the spiders, maybe even the skulls of tiny mice that have passed away long time ago. Not very pleasant.

We are living in our planet an evolutionary time of catharsis and cosmic cleanse. The waves of Light lit up the darkness and show all that needs to undergo deep transformation. There is a lot to do in order to canalize events towards a life in which peace, harmony and love are the dominant codes, but we are working on it. You, I, everyone can contribute with our actions, speech and thoughts.

Today, light your candle, light your Light. Namaste

Humans mark the rhythm of cycles and time by rituals. Diwali was born thousands of years ago as an agricultural celebration at the end of the harvest, just before Winter started. It was and still is an opportunity to enjoy the abundance and prosperity of the Earth, to give and receive, to share in community. The festival is named after the little oil lamps that are lit by the doors of people´s homes.

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