Holidays, escapism or adventure?

Summer and traveling, it seems that they go hand in hand, right? but not everyone travels for holidays or work. In my family, we didn´t settle until I was eleven, up until then, life was quite nomad, my dad and his continuous impulse to move from here to there, as if he was trapped in his own life. Changes of scenario can reflect great evolutionary steps or not. Let´s see why. 

The truth is that the soul´s journey is an adventure full of relocations. You take on different bodies and circumstances according to what you need to understand. Learning to start all over was one of the gifts I got from my education, but the same way that being a tourist and a traveler are two different things, there are styles of flowing through the changes in life.

On one hand, there is the attitude of flighting from circumstances and not finding anything because who looks in the outside never comes upon what is looking for. It was my father´s case. This kind of people have a hard time putting the feet on the ground, going deep into life and are never satisfied nor content with what they already have. After a short time of arriving in one place, they start thinking about the next. Their path becomes a great escape and they can repeat this pattern for lifetimes.

On the other hand, we have the posture of those who move knowing that changes of residence happen so they can complete stories in their soul path. Some people have come here to always live in the same place, while others need to pack and unpack their bags many times, being super present in all places, exploring fully inside themselves because they understand that all stages bring great teachings in evolution.

The main difference between both cases is the attitude that we pour in how we move in the world. Flight or evolution? If you are reading this, I am sure that you are into the second.

Happy adventurous Summer!

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