How to stay on the right path?

All of us, at one point or another, have the sensation that new year´s resolutions last only a few weeks or that the intention of getting up every morning to meditate doesn´t go beyond the twenty one days threshold. The truth is that opposition from the outside environment can be brutal, but the Light within is way bigger. I promise. Read how to remain on the right path following these 3 simple steps:

Yoga presents one of the most interesting paradoxes: it is, at the same time, the destination and the path, a state of realization that is reached step by step and thanks to our dedicated practice but that, interestingly, only happens in the now. Considering this, the idea of a path with a final destination gets blurry  and what reveals with greater strength is the principle that illuminated consciousness happens in this very moment while you are reading my words.

1st Stop, breathe and feel. It only takes one time of experimenting “being consciousness”, for you to look for that state of fullness over and over again until it becomes the norm in your life.

2nd Each morning remind yourself of who you are and in which direction you want to continue walking. Create within yourself the image of a personal state that you consider “correct”. Thinking about it makes it real and strong.

3rd During three weeks, increase the volume of what you want to be focused on. It is said that it takes 21 days to establish new habits, allowing for the new to settle in our lives and grow roots. Throughout that time, stick small cards on your walls with affirmations and images that reinforce what you want.

Life is constantly conspiring in order to keep us on right path, when we cooperate with it, it is much easier to not stray from the way.  

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