I am a mother, period.

Above everything else, I am a mother. Nothing else needed. Nowadays it is easy to read everywhere about the importance of being an entrepreneur-mom, liberated-mom, supermom or powerful business woman-mom, I and many others reclaim being only a mother. I don´t need to be valued for the work that I do outside of my home, neither for my aspect or by how yummy my rice pudding tastes because what is most important to me is my role as mother.

For a start, mothers care and nurture the world since we are sources or true unconditional love. Not only every being´s body is created with the tissues of it´s own mother, but also during pregnancy and lactation the mom increases the production of the love hormone, oxytocin, the noeurotransmmiter in charge of starting the birthing process. And when we enter into that powerful life threshold, often times very painful, we do it out of pure love. Also, oxytocin is the substance that allows us to learn how to love, it creates the first socio-affective bonds in the lives of all human beings, it also allows us to feel pleasure during sexual relationships.

We are the first educators and Yoga psychology talks about the mother as the first teacher. As babies we learnt to relate to the world through the relationship with our own mother and this starts even before we are born. Afterwards, unconsciously we learnt from her how to gesture, move and be in our bodies. The mother teaches how to eat, how to take care on oneself, others and of the planet. Thanks to the mother we know how to hug, communicate and share.

But in this individualistic society, so competitive and therefore so masculine, Where are the mothers? I see many people getting pregnant and giving birth to return to their old jobs in a men´s world only a few weeks after their babies are born. I listen to stories of women that want their babies to be independent when they are one month old, women that delegate the upbringing of their little ones to other women or that have disastrous relationships with their own mothers.

Today, I not only honor my mother and her mother and all the women in the feminine lineage I come from, I also honor myself because I am a mother, period. We don´t need any adjective to describe us. We are the present and the future of our civilization. May we build with love, patience and sensibility a beautiful and colorful world.

aham prema – we are love


To my dearest Jaja. 

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