I don´t fit in!

Many people spend their lives trying to be like everyone else, consuming the same products than the rest of society and following a lifestyle similar to their neighbors, family or colleagues because that is the way things are supposed to be. On the contrary, yogins were always rebellious nonconformists and share a world view that is quite far from what others agree to be valid. 

Even though at first sight might seem difficult, not fitting in is fantastic! We only need to look at Spring: the leaves don´t fit anymore inside the tight shoots, petals push out of the buds, and this is how life sprouts in its wonderful annual rebirth. Yoga teaches that our main task as humans is to be able to “Be”, free and uninhibited.

Krishnamurti said “It is no measure of health to be adapted to a profoundly sick society” so Hurray to the unadapted ones!

More on this subject on Tuesday 19th´s LIVE. Meeting time at 15:00 in facebook & instagram.

aham prema – we are love



Photo by Evelyn on Unsplash

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