I don´t want anything for my b-day, Did I go nuts?

It is my birthday and the idea of asking for something is somehow anxiety provoking! I don´t have the need to buy stuff, nor to go anywhere. I feel full, healthy, abundant, at peace and immensely grateful. Is this normal or did I go nuts?

The conversation about my special day has come out a few times recently and what stirs within myself is gratitude for the gift of embodiment. Throughout this past year I have grown up a lot and I have enjoyed many fascinating experiences that have made me feel even closer to the Universal Consciousness from which we all emerge. My channels are more and more open, the energy that flows through me is finer, gentler and more loving. At times it is so powerful that I feel deeply moved by sentiments of awakening and connectivity. (Blessed!)

Many masters of the inner path say that when you see yourself in a desire-less state, you are on the right path because it means that you are flowing with sincere and total acceptance towards all that life brings every moment. You are aware of the fact that anything that you might need comes from within and that it manifests in front of you at the right time when you need it.

On the other hand, life erupts from the fire of desire, therefore, wanting something and visualizing it makes us progress in the inner and the outer path. So, although the stars say that this is going to be an amazing year for me, one of those that only come a few times in a lifetime, and although I am so happy that I can´t really ask for anything else, I will make a wish: May my presence and my life support the awakening of Consciousness at the individual level as well as in the totality of beings that together co-create the cosmos. Thank you all for being part of my adventure on Earth.

I forgot… May we celebrate with an epic chocolate cake!

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