Intuition, your inner navigation system

Women are more in touch with an inner navigation system that never fails and that is quite different from what men manage. I am talking about the inner compass of your intuition. This doesn´t mean that they (men) don´t have it,

but, in general, men set a goal, an specific destination  where they want to go and look for the strategy that will take them there the most directly and in the shortest time. They go from point A to point B fast & furious. It is one of the reasons why they are constantly looking for quick solutions to problems, for example.

Women work differently. It is not so important to know where you are going nor how you are going to walk the path. What is essential is to listen to your inner feeling. In order to go from point A to point B you will probably take a few turns, maybe stop here and there and in all those places you will collect many teachings or understandings about yourself that are necessary for you to continue growing throughout the evolutionary spiral of your Self. Inside of you, there is a spring of eternal wisdom and connecting with it is the key of how to navigate in this world. Once you become aware of the union with your inner feminine intelligence, you feel brave to take risks and to plough through waters never explored before.

Intuition can not be explained in a rational way, sometimes comes as flashes of certainty, wisdom about a concrete circumstance. You don´t know why, but you feel strongly if you should take one path or another.

Listen, feel and respect yourself, then everything will take the path that it needs to take in order for you to continue growing internally. Denying your own feelings is the same as invalidating yourself.

Radiant Woman offers exercises to awaken and activate intuition. If you are interested in diving into yourself, the next workshop will happen in Palma on February 9th to 11th. Reserve your spot!

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