It already exists here and now

What if there was a world free of conflicts, full of joy and love among all beings? Oops, wait, that already exists here and now and you can choose to make it your day to day reality.  This Drop of Light shares two different reflections on how we can live in a more conscious level of life: 

On one side, the Yoga en Red article explains what my online school is and talks about new ways that we can use to connect with each other through the web. It also offers some interesting stuff about the superpowers that yogins explored thousands of years ago and that are part of how we live our present moment in 2018.

The Zunray Spark tells you how you can access that conscious world that I mentioned above and I highly recommend that you read it because it gives the key to the deepest mental detox that we can possibly do this Spring.

Happy reading, happy week, peace and love

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