Laws of the feminine

May! My dear month of flowers and feminine celebration. As you know, awakening this divine principle is the essence of my practice and my teaching. It is the Earth, it is transformation, color, beauty, nutrition, abundance and many other wonders.  All of the above, great words that might seem too distant for the majority of people immersed in the frenzy rhythm of society. If you feel like one of them, there is a way to channel the authentic feminine to the everyday life and this is what this Drop of Light is about.

The primordial energy of existence can be felt within every cell when we pay attention, but it also manifests in the world through its feminine universal laws. it might be complex to reflect about Light, but we can understand it perfectly when we observe the Sun rays and receive its warmth over our skin or contemplate its reflections on the surface of the sea and the olive tree leaves at sunrise.

Recently, while meditating on the feminine laws, the following image came to my mind. I could picture an ancient Roman town being provided with the water that came from the mountains. The big supply of water was taken to a central cistern from where it would be channeled towards different spots of the town and brought up to the surface by means of beautiful fountains. The universal feminine laws work in a similar way, the provide all areas of our lives with the loving and singing shakti´s presence. A good way to become familiar with them is to join the community of radiant women because the universal feminine laws are one of the themes explored in Radiant Woman Online. They can bring a great shift to your life! Both men and women are thirsty of shakti, the feminine. May we go to the source, drink huge gulps from it and fill up our jugs to its brim.

May love and beauty flourish in everyone´s hearts.

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