Life is not THAT way

Who came up with the idea that life is hard, difficult, dangerous or painful? You might have been lucky and didn´t grow up with those mental patterns, but my worldview was forged by hearing adjectives like the ones above. May we take advantage of the last days of the month of good intentions to clear, once and for all, those ideas that keep us trapped and to fly free and radiant.

Your deep change happens very powerfully when you keep an observant attitude and start relating with the world according to a positive, sustainable and magnificent worldview. It is the most effective way to stop the influence of the wrong concepts that you learned when you were small.

How? let me show you with an example:

In Spain there is the well extended myth of “January´s hill”. We have spent a lot during the holidays and the collective psyche is dominated by the idea that we must save and try to spend the least possible. This year I am experiencing it fully. I find myself in the market thinking that I am not going to purchase this or that item because I have to tighten my belt or I catch myself having feelings of scarcity and economical tightness. What do I do?? Basically there are two choices:

a/ I buy the least possible and only what is strictly necessary; or

b/ I breathe and relax, creating the feeling that life supports me and always provides me with what I need.

Option a/ might be more reasonable, but if I choose a/ based on fear of not having enough, I will be perpetuating a scarce relationship with life. Option b/ generates the feeling that the universe loves me unconditionally and this is the foundation of a deep evolutionary leap. Even if I choose b/ I can decide to spend less as a conscious choice and not because I am afraid.

The yoga, meditation and other tools for transformation that I teach in my classes and courses are I N C R E D I B L E if you want to shift all those old patterns!! Radiant Woman is packed with them!

Life is not pre-determined to be in any specific way, we create it moment to moment. So, adult voices of my tender childhood, to all of you I say “No, life is not THAT way”.

Peace & Love

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