Living like an “amish”

Two different people in the last few weeks have talked to me about research papers related with the low incidence of cancer, asthma or diabetes among the Amish communities. When I lived in the US, I used to buy at a local “amish” marked where I bought fruits, vegetables and many other things. Everything was delicious and I could feel how I went home with a super healthy shopping cart. Would you like to know what is the main contributor to their good health?

The way they live their every day life, that interestingly coincides in some ways with the lifestyle that Radiant Living promotes… Lifestyle is key for the health of your body-mind! Amish escape from many diseases that haunt our global society due to the fact that:

  1. They eat Simple, Local and Organic. Everything on their plates is organic, they cultivate their own food without pesticides or GMOs and according to traditional methods.
  2. There are no amish “cities” because all their communities are rural and built as 150 years ago.
  3. They live fully throughout the day and rest at night, in harmony with the circadian rhythms.
  4. In their homes there are no techy machines that alter the electromagnetic field. This allows them to remain rooted and live constantly grounded.
  5. They walk quite a bit and stay physically active all day long.
  6. They remain free from the constant bombarding of the negative news and the excess of sensory information that washes our brains every minute. On top of that, everything is “home made” so the toxic substances from detergents, additives, and the many products that you can purchase in a conventional supermarket don´t enter their households.
  7. They believe in the healing power of nature and spend a lot of time outdoors.
  8. Their believe system encourages values like the sense of community, humility, calmness or harmony, so among them there is hardly no stress.


Maybe you don´t want to wear a bonnet and long dark coloured dresses ( definitely, I don´t), but we can always remain open to learn from those who can teach us and choose wisely the way we want to continue growing in our lives.

Peace and Love, dear readers

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