Mary Magdalene, free woman

July 22nd celebrates the festivity to Mary Magdalene. The catholic church presents this magic woman as a prostitute, penitent sinner who was saved by Jesus, but there is a much deeper teaching in regards to her trascendental figure.

She was apostle among the apostles, because she understood what Jesus came to teach not only at an intelectual level, but also integrated the energetics and the soul teachings. The social conditionings of the times, specially of the centuries following Jesus´s death which is when the foundations of catholicism were set, considered a woman who was a spiritual teacher and guide of the inner path as something very unusual and condemnable. Still today, the Church doesn´t allow priestesses, but this would be a different subject…

Mary Magdalene is a prostitute and a sinner only in the eyes of the ignorance perpetrated by the Church. Since she was born, she was initiated in the mysteries of the divine feminine principle, later she became priestess and her inner greatness was recognized by many. She was a liberated woman, with a deep and direct understanding of Supreme Consciousness and master of ascension. She moved outside of social conventions, being guided by her own intuition and inner wisdom.

As priestess of the inner alchemy, she practiced sexual magic, was a tantric woman and counted with an incredible power of transformation, There are fascinating research writings about her and many scholars affirm that she and Jesus shared a spiritual partnership. Their love connection was very intimate and saw one another as equals. They nurtured and healed each other through their joined spiritual practice. Mary Magdalene and Jesus shared a mystical marriage in which their wills and hearts were one.

She was spiritual teacher during her whole life and the foundation of her instruction was the Light, the Wisdom and the Love that dwell within each human being. Her figure is a great inspiration for all the women that are taking their own power today as healers and transformers of the world. Also for all the men who are open to learn and understand us deeply, who grow hand in hand with us. May we awaken her presence within!

“Only the ones that have awakened the fountain within themselves, will be able to drink its waters.”

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