May we be channels of love and peace

It seems that the holiday season has already started and in my home the nativity scene has taken its spacial place in the living room. Do you also have the sensation that it lasts longer every year?  So much celebrating can be an opportunity to share even more love and peace, even if it might sound cheesy, they are the wonderful essence of the season!

I have always found interesting that despite the fact that lots of christmas carols talk about peace and love or that we remember to be specially good during the holidays, most people get to January 1st with a sensation of emptiness, exhaustion and with a few more pounds heavier.

Yogins and all the people dedicated to the deep energetic work of the inner path discover how our body-mind-heart is a vessel through which the subtle, loving and endless energy of the cosmos manifests in the plane of earthly matter. This energy is inexhaustible and it is constantly flowing so it really doesn´t come from you, you are only the bearer. 

One of the main reasons for the practice of yoga asana is to purify and widen the channels where this conscious energy flows so we can bring more of it into our plane of existence. As this happens, we increase our capacity to “be” peace and love. the physical body and the mind metamorphose and the tissue that makes them starts to form from finer materials, almost ethereal. You are here, your are from the Earth and your soul being delights and enjoys fully this plane of existence. At the same time, you are a being of light and I invite you to make it your focus for the holidays. What a gift to yourself and the cosmos!

Be a channel of love and peace this holiday season.

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