My (digital) transformation

What an exciting week, I am loving it! Today I am introducing my new sacred on-line space, the place where I share with you my interest on wellness and the awakening of your body-mind-soul. 

Not only is a lot more beautiful and up to date, but it is also faster, clearer and it responds amazingly in your mobile or tablet. My dear Favio from did an awesome job again. Great ovation to him! (Clap, clap!) We have polished all of the contents and added sections. One of my favorites is “Testimonies”, stories of awakening shared by students and clients. Drop by drop we will be releasing other novelties like the store or gifts that will delight you with the earphones on.

The website has unfolded its wings yet, but it has not started flying. The English version is still in pupa phase. For now, I invite you to have a look at the Spanish one. We hope that you love it and if you have any comments, please write to me.

Showers of Light and Love

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