Minimalist holidays

“Mum, all this is way too much”. Seeing how she covered her pretty and anguished teenage face squashed my heart a little… Yes, we are, over informed, over stimulated and over loaded with activities. Minimalism is an attitude, not only a designers style, you can bring it to this year´s holiday season and it will allow us to share the essential: peace and love.

In the LIVE on Tuesday 18th I will address minimalism and how it is the lifestyle that yoga has always promoted. I will also give the keys to do it easy and lavishly at the same time, because light decor, carols and fun are not at odds with simplicity. Here are some preview tips:

Let go before receiving. A necessary step in order to open new space.

The value of things is not determined by the number of zeros on the price tag, but by how they make you feel.

Give things or experiences that have a significant meaning.

Opt for presents with the lowest eco footprint: organic foods, donations to charities, organic plants or flowers.

Choose one gift per person or play with the Secret Santa tradition.

I will be there with the facebook and instagram screens open.

aham prema – we are love



Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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