Obsessive thoughts

You are at the beach, lying down, relaxed and bang! the mind starts giving you a hard time by repeating the same thoughts over and over. You start feeling miserable because you see yourself being imprisoned by the familiar spiral of negativity. This can happen anywhere, tearing to pieces special moments that you were supposed to enjoy. There is a way of stopping it. 

It is not easy, I know, and sometimes those patterns of thought are as fierce as a hungry tiger, capable of destroying us in a millisecond. This is why it is normal to feel panicky around them, but calm down, because our inner light is much stronger and more powerful than all of them combined.

In the path of alchemic transformation challenging psychological material comes up to the surface, bringing with it many unpleasant physical sensations, memories that we had hidden in remote places of our subconscious where they couldn´t give us a hard time, and even unbalances like anxiety or sleeping disorders. Working with all that is important and necessary!

 Your mind is your best friend

Before anything else, you should remember that your mind IS your “bff” and that she is the first one really disliking being trapped in vicious circles of negativity and disempowerment. In order to be able to regard her as friend, is key that you regain your connection with your center of light, wisdom and love.

 Listen to it

When the same destructive thoughts come once and again, they are bringing an important message. It is the same as when there is a little stone inside your shoe. The problem is not the pain, the shoe, nor the foot, the required action is to remove the stone. So, what are those repetitive thoughts talking about? Be brave, listen to them, explore them and you will find the underlying problem.

 Work together

Instead of fighting, hiding or getting hooked to the obsessive thoughts, re-direct your attention by creating a stronger focus. You may use conscious breathing, work with positive affirmations and it will help a lot if you strengthen your mental muscle through the practice of sitting meditation so when the tiger starts roaring, you can remember that your skills as a tamer can appease even the most fierce beasts.

Om Shanti

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