Practice for busy people

Are you crazy busy with a ton of fascinating things that you have to do and love to do? That should never be an obstacle for your spiritual practice. Tantra-yoga promotes a life in which everything can be used as an opportunity to grow internally, it is the essence of conscious living, but How do we put it into practice? Read the following tips:

First, the most “spiritual” exercise you should do and that its at everyone´s reach, is breathing. While in the bus on your way to work, picking up your kids from their multiple activities, before entering a meeting or contemplating your favorite sunset. All of them are situations when you can stop and feel the air that comes in and goes out.

Wake up five minutes before and instead of springing out of bed, breathe, visualize your body lying down and send a message of love to it. Inhale and fill up with joy because you can start a new day on Earth. Charge up with positivity and enthusiasm for all that you are about to live.

You can also use the commuting times to meditate with the help of mantras, especially if you use public transportation. You don´t even have to close your eyes, just keep your gaze steady beyond the train or bus window and internally recite the mantra of the month. Chant it out loud while driving your car!

The truth is that I could keep going giving you tips on how to integrate your practice into a busy life because everything can become a sadhana, which is the Sanskrit concept to refer to the spiritual practice for body-mind-heart.

See you at the LIVE on Tuesday 28th. We will talk about that and much more! Remember that the broadcasts happen at the Spiritual Lifestyle facebook group. 

aham prema

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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