Relaxation, what a boost for healthy day!

Something very special and unique happens when you deepen into the conscious relaxation pose. If you practice yoga or even if you have only attended one class, you have probably experienced that real sensation of “feeling like new”, of “rebirth”, “total peace and calming” or “floating in a life free from problems”. 

Many of our difficulties come from following the rhythm of a world that is always ON, while our body-mind-soul needs to disconnect and root, but this need is not being fulfilled, not even during our sleep, which is the natural time to rest and replenish.

The conscious relaxation or “savasana” can give you that and more, because its benefits can reach the soul, literally, or better said, they can make you reach your soul.

Let´s talk about it in the LIVE on Tuesday April 2nd at 15:00. I will meet you in facebook & instagram.

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