Soma, nectar of eternal bliss

On Saturday 18th we will enjoy a full moon and during this weekend I invite you to cultivate the lunar pulses inside because they will increase the flow of soma, nectar of eternal bliss, in our body-mind-heart and in our lives. 

Yoga and Ayurveda study the physical and metaphysical substances that shape the material world. Soma is the power of bliss, ananda, that comes down in drops or bindus from the highest part of the head as universal grace´s nutrition that descends when we meditate with the moon. Soma is essentially lunar and feminine, this makes it watery, nourishing, protective, it is what delights and brings joy to life. Tradition says that it holds the entire universe because it is like the cosmic ocean from which existence arises. Soma attracts, brings together and unifies. In its denser aspects it is related to the bodily fluids that recover the nervous system and brain or that create saliva, as an example. In a deeper level, soma is indispensable for the balance of the body-mind. The mind is associated with the moon because it has the capacity to reflect Consciousness and works well when it is calm, cool, quiet and clear like the white shine of the moon.

From a subtle perspective, the inner moon sits on the highest part of the head, within the thousand petaled lotus chakra. Its counterpart is agni, the fire of Kundalini that ascends from the base, and the balance between fire and moon is essential for health. Yoga pays a lot of attention to the luminous shine of the Sun, but also to the Moon´s glow.

Next Tuesday 21st I will guide the members of the Spiritual Lifestyle group in a very special lunar meditation. Join the group so you can participate and drink the nectar of eternal bliss.

aham prema

Photo by Lester Salmins on Unsplash

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