The concept of sorority is having a lot of presence lately and we use it to refer to the sisterhood relationship among women that impulses social change towards real equality. How does this relate with the Radiant Woman course?

Sorority comes from the Latin “soror”, sister, and it finds its masculine counterpart in words like “fraternal”. Personally, sorority is not one of my favorite words because it makes me think about the way nuns are called in some religious orders… but it is well rooted within me the concept of creating networks of women that honor each other, that support and impulse the transformation of our society so men and women can live in equality and harmony, free from salary differences or physical abuse, among other things.

Radiant Woman deals with femininity and feminism and teaches us how to create sacred circles of conscious women, all of this happening in “siblinghood” with our opposite sex fellows.

This Tuesday at 15:00 we will meet LIVE and I will speak more on this subject of my heart. ;) Also, today is the end of Navaratri, the indian festival to the Divine Mother, time to honor the feminine!

I will be at facebook e instagram with my screens open.

aham prema – we are love

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