Take a forest bath

Why is it that when we walk among the pine tress or take a gentle hike in the mountains we feel completely renewed? I do these things because they make me feel amazing, but recently I learned that there is a lot of scientific evidence that confirms the healing power of nature. Below three reasons why you will want to go more and more to the forest.

One of the most valuable tools for self-healing that I share in my classes, courses and private sessions is the importance of spending a few hours in a space where you can not see anything man made. Japanese call it shinrin yoku that means “forest bath” and they use it as a kind of therapy in which you leave your urban environment to go deep into a natural forest area in order to regenerate the entire tissue of your body-mind-heart.

Going to nature is so important that there is even a group of psychologists that talk about a “nature deficient disorder” manifesting among people that spend most of their life in the cities.


3 healing powers of nature:

The plants and trees in the forest give out tiny volatile substances that literally dialogue with your immune system, they help it get stronger and support the natural self-repairing mechanism of your cells. Among other wonders, these substances are powerful anti cancer agents, favor the production of happy hormones and reduce the stressful ones.

It awakens the functions of your brain that tend to go into airplane mode during our urban life: it makes you develop global awareness, sharpens your senses, improves your capacity to be fascinated and feel pleasure and empathy towards other living beings. It also promotes the natural state of harmony and calmness of your nervous system, making you more creative, intuitive and happy.

It allows you to take off the layers of social and cultural conditioning, returning you to your spiritual state of BEING. It is said that in nature we rediscover our real state of humanness, genuine, primordial and authentic.

This Spring, take many forest baths!

Green peace & love

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