The best present and my no-list of holiday gifts

What would you say that is the best gift this holiday season? For weeks I have been contemplating the writing of this post. First I wanted to offer you a list with recommended gifts that could make your Christmas easier, but to be honest, I  am quite anti-consumerism these days… So from my meditation pillow I can say that I have one single special gift this year:

More than any object, donation or gift card, what humans appreciate most is attention. Having others noticing the details of our lives, being treated caringly and receiving someone´s full attention when in our presence. I feel awesome when people notice who I am when we are having a conversation or when simple things as my absolute love for broccoli are taken into consideration.

Listen to what happened to a dear student who I will call “L”. L. is a therapist and one day she was giving a treatment to a client who had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy at the moment. It occurred that L. asked her -When did you loose your eyebrows? to what the woman replied -Three months ago. My student was paralyzed, frozen and so ashamed, although knowing her, I am sure that she handled the situation beautifully. L. told me that story as one of the best lessons that she had received in a long time, she was absolutely right.

One of the most valuable acts of love is to pay attention. You might not be having the best day, but when people realize that you have seen the little details of their lives, they feel acknowledged and appreciated. Noticing if someone is tired or happy, if they have had a good or a bad day or remembering their name is a sincere proof that they matter to you because they have a real value in your life.

Peace & Love

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