The remedy for emotional stress

I don´t know if this happens to you as well, but recently I realized that the days when emotions are on the edge, like when I have a conflict with someone or with myself, are the days when I am exhausted. Hands down. The night comes and it seems that I have run a marathon, I get into bed and I can´t sleep.  This is called emotional stress and there is a remedy for it: It can be more destructive than the stress caused by doing many things or living too fast. Each emotion felt in the body activates an entire chain of chemical reactions that will jumpstart the harmful processes of stress. If we combine this with the challenges of partner relationships, for example, we have an explosive mix.

In order to lower your levels of emotional stress, first honor your daily practice, it will ensure that there will be more and more calmness in your life: keep meditating and practicing conscious relaxation; exercise in nature and get on your mat.

When you see yourself in the midst a conflicting situation, take one of these two paths: either breathe and pause before acting (you will avoid impulsive reactions) or get away as fast as you can. Yes, you read correctly. Removing yourself from a situation that you know it is going to stress you can be of great help. Leaving at the right moment is not escaping, it is an act of love because you are being aware of the fact that your presence in that specific time and space is not beneficial for you or for anyone.

Nothing good comes from the frequencies that stressful emotions put out, so dare to get in sync ALWAYS with what makes you feel good, joyful and luminous.

aham prema – we are love


Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

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