The right path is in front of you, take it!

Have you ever thought about signing up to participate in a course on philosophy for life that gives you, at the same time, the tools to relate with your body-mind in the healthiest way? If your answer is yes, you are reading the right blog. If “no”, it might be the time to contemplate the idea because nothing comes randomly into your live and there is a reason why you opened this mail.The path of the luminous beings, teacher training and deep studies on yoga program that I will be offering in Madrid throughout 2019 is, above anything else, a program for transformation and knowledge. It is also a high quality course on how to become a yoga teacher, because in the path of evolution, you are your own teacher and student at the same time. Teacher or not, the course has incredible gifts for you.

Oh dear! there is so much that I need to tell you about the program, that there is not enough room in this message. Please don´t miss the LIVE on Tuesday 30th at 15:00.

Will be there with the facebook and instagram screens open.

aham prema – we are love

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