The secret to alchemic nutrition

There are more and more people that have stopped eating foods that come from animals or that have reduced the intake of meats and other animal products. You know that I am a super fan of vegan and vegetarian diets for many reasons. However, many times people tell me that they fell guilty about “desiring” eating meat because they don´t want to contribute to creating more suffering in the planet, including themselves, and they ask me about the meaning of the alchemic diet.

Eating is a process of transformation not only of material substances and nutrients, but also of all the information that you don´t see and that it is adhere to the food itself. This is why within you there is an alchemy workshop in which you transform everything that the eaten food has experienced before reaching your mouth and becoming part of you.

When it comes to animals, when I talk about transformation or alchemic food, what I mean is that everything can be transformed, whatever you feel that you have to eat. Sometimes people eat meat and it can be prepared in a way that the vibration of fear of dying and suffering experienced by the animal can be purified so what is eaten is only the pure earthy vibration of the animal. Eating the flesh of an animal can be a ritual of integration of the planetary animal forces, they are our siblings and ingesting their flesh can help us to elevate the joint consciousness of the animal kingdom that we are part of. This kind of rituals are performed in many ancient cultures and they are all very interesting.

This is why I don´t like to attach labels to myself saying that I am a vegetarian or a vegan, because even though I hardly eat animal products, I feel that denying them all 100% is a mistake from an alchemic and evolutionary perspective. Sometimes we have to eat something because it awakens an entire karma cleansing process. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? those terms don´t exist in the field of Universal Consciousness. I choose to not eat animals for many reasons, but this doesn´t mean that what other people do consciously is bad. I do condemn the current food industry, the cruelty of animal farms and their terrible effects in our ecosystem. I also condemn the way many people feed themselves, not thinking, without feeling, only following trends or cultural patterns.

In my opinion it is more important to eat what one really feels than what an outer person tells you to eat because it is supposed to be best. The problem here resides in the fact that most people have their inner senses completely numb and can´t discern between the real needs of their bodies and the desires or superficial cravings related to food. In order to be able to feel deeply, a profound body-mind-soul must be done and after going through purification, we can hear with greater clarity the messages provided by our cells, who know really well that they need in any given moment.

May we nourish ourselves consciously, in harmony, respect and in love with Nature.

aham prema – we are love

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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