The seeds of desires

Why do we “want” things? Where do desires come from? Are they bad? good? Why do they hung around our minds unceasingly? Tonight is the most magical night of the year for Spanish children and my favorite holiday… interesting that it is not the first time that coinciding with the newsletter. Because of all this, you can not miss the two kinds of seeds that where desires sprout from.

The first kind are the seeds of karma. Your past stories condition what you want to experience right at this moment. You will recognize them because karmic desires are tinted with an attachment that can be so strong to the point of becoming unhealthy. They generate obsessive thinking towards the object of desire and make people do anything until they achieve the fulfillment of the specific desire.

The second type are the seeds of dharma. Your life´s mission gives you the guideliness on what you should and shouldn´t be doing, on what you want and don´t want. Dharmic desires are based on a deep feeling of peace and trust, their fulfillment comes from the unfoldment in the outside of your inner path. You will not feel in a hurry, you don´t need to have it now, nor here, you know with certainty that whatever it is, it will be presented before your eyes when the right time to experience it comes and if it needs to happen for the goodness of all.

From an early age we were taught to desire, the annual letter to Santa or the Three Wise Men is a good example, and if you didn´t want to ask for anything, it could even create a family drama. The thing is that desire is the great motor of existence and, even if you are already happy and feel absolutely content with what you have, I do recommend you to use the power of intention and desire in order to create energetic pathways in your life that will support the fulfillment of your dharma, your true mission.

Happy magical night to all children, small and big! May we feel that the Three Wise men shower all with sweet goodness and blessings.

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