The triumph of LIGHT

When I inquired in July about the themes that you would like to see addressed in the Drops of Light, a reader asked about how to deal with the personal shadow  from the yoga perspective.

The shadow is a concept that comes from the analytic psychology initiated by Jung and was created with the intention of working with the dark side of the individual and collective personalities. There are many terms in yoga (not synonyms) to help us illuminate this unconscious shadow. Some of my favorite are karma, vrittis, the mental fluctuations, or avidya, ignorance itself.

However, yogins always keep the focus on the light. Analyzing our shadows is good in order to understand personal patterns, but that is it. Once they are understood, we stay centered in the Self´s luminosity and that is the motor of transformation.

During the LIVE on Tuesday 6th, I will speak about the best strategy to fill your life with Light. It is going to be quite a special one because it coincides with Diwali, the indian festivity to goddess Lakshmi and with my birthday!

Will be there for you with my facebook and instagram screens open.

aham prema – we are love

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